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The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has invested US$30 million in building up local expertise in carbon trading in Africa,
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[China-Africa Trade]
Trade between China and African nations jumped 39% last year, official Chinese figures reveal.,
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[Ghana Trade Urged]
The Trade and Investment Section of the Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC, is responsible for promoting Trade & Investments in Ghana. The section provides assistance to companies considering expanding into the Ghanaian market as well as Ghanaian companies looking for potential partners and access to the US market.
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ASTAR INTERNATIONAL, LLC is a networking group of companies engaging in Import/Export trade, promoting, marketing and
investing in raw materials, finished products, precious metals and minerals located primarily on the continent of Africa.
We market global commodities
Helping businesses and non-profits to market African products
Make a profit while making a positive difference in Africa
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We explore opportunities to market commodities or traditionally strong products from the respective countries such as:
Shea Butter from Ghana
Cocoa from Ivory Coast
Coffee and Leather Goods from Ethiopia

We welcome investors for prospective markets in traditional or emerging markets in Africa.
Introducing imported goods to Africa
Trading precious metals and minerals
Transparency, Accountability and Integrity
A Reliable Network of Companies
A guide and exceptional partner
Global alliance in trade and marketing
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